Fr Damien Mason

Fr Damien Mason

Vicar of St Mary Brookfield

Welcome to St Mary Brookfield. We exist to worship Almighty God and to serve the people of Dartmouth Park, our neighbouring communities, and all who walk through our doors. We serve God by serving those around us with the joy that comes from the love and hope found in Jesus Christ.

At it’s heart, St Mary Brookfield has always been a place of welcome and generous hospitality. The original vision for the building and parish was to serve the poor of the area in the 1860’s and 70’s. St Mary’s was to be a ‘free’ church for the poor. 

St Mary’s was designed and built by William Butterfield and the chancel was completed by William Charles Street. The church was consecrated on the 7th of December, 1875. 

We welcome all who cross our door and we hope to meet you soon.

Fr Damien 

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