Welcome to St Mary Brookfield


Welcome to St Mary Brookfield, the parish church of Dartmouth Park, London.

St Mary's was dedicated in 1875, one of the first open-pew churches where rich and poor worshipped together, and we keep that tradition of openness today. All visitors are part of our congregation, and are very welcome.

If you would like to join us for a regular service you will be very welcome indeed. Our main weekly service is the Parish Mass at 11am on Sunday, where we celebrate the joyful message of the Gospel with music and incense.

We are part of the Church of England but welcome visitors from every background, and members of other denominations are welcome to take communion with us.

We welcome children to the Parish Mass and other appropriate services. Each Sunday children have their own informal worship at the 'Sunday Supplement' in Church. You will find details of forthcoming services on the following pages.

 Whatever your interest in our church, whether as a worshipper, local resident or visitor, we hope you find this website useful and that it will encourage you to visit us. 


News from St Mary's

Mothering Sunday - March 15th

11.00am Family Mass


 Lent Study Group

This year's Lent Study Group starts on Thursday 19th  February, and runs for five weeks. We will be using a study resource entitled Church and Kingdom. Each session has a video introduction and then lots of material to help us think through the issues raised.

There will be a Mass in Church at 7.30 pm followed by the study group in the Vicarage at 8.00 pm. Each session will last around an hour, with coffee afterwards.

Do try to join us; whilst committing to every week is not easy or possible for some, with the booklet its possible to miss the odd week and easily catch up.


Cold Weather Shelter

 The Cold Weather Shelter is now up and running until Easter. If you haven't yet volunteered to help, please contact Bill Saunders here.